FMS Screens

Flaherty Physical Therapy has been busy conducting Functional Movement Systems (FMS) Screens to a few local community groups including the Melican Middle School football team and a running group in preparation for the fall Applefest road race. FMS screening is a series of seven quick movement tests designed with the purpose of identifying individuals who are at risk for injury or who are attempting to maintain or increase activity level. This testing can help identify areas of weakness, muscle imbalances or certain deficits in mobility. Skilled Physical Therapists are then able to help address these deficits with exercise or skilled interventions to help avoid injury. And of course, we had some fun while doing it!





We were able to provide the participants with guided exercises after the screening to help target their areas of weakness and then gave them handouts so they could follow along on their own at home. A few common trends that we found amongst most were tight hamstrings among the middle school football players and weak core stability. There was room for improvements in squatting mechanics and core strength amongst the running group as well. We look forward to continuing to perform these screens in the neighboring communities to help people achieve their maximum success and avoid injury.