Pediatric Physical Therapy Program

Our pediatric physical therapy program emphasizes a functional approach in the evaluation and treatment of your child.

Goals of Pediatric PT:

To minimize disability and impact of injuries so that your child can get back to the activities they do best – play, attend school, and participate in sport and community activities. Pediatric PT promotes independence, increases participation, promotes motor development, improves strength and endurance, and enhances learning and growth opportunities.

We provide care that is designed to achieve the following:

  • Improve mobility and flexibility in joints and muscles through hands on techniques including passive stretching
  • Develop/restore function for age-appropriate movement patterns such as sitting, crawling, standing, walking, or stair climbing with play-type activities
  • Relieve pain with modalities as needed
  • Promote overall health, well-being, and independence with mobility by working on activity endurance, and play Encouraging, and friendly environment to promote a positive experience with exercise
  • Prevent, slow down, or decrease impact of physical disabilities to help children interact with their peers, Support for family through education, and providing resources if needed
  • Assess and address readiness to return sport following an injury or surgery
  • Promote overall fitness while having fun!

Our pediatric physical therapists are experienced with the evaluation and treatment of children with:

  • Orthopedic/Sports injuries and surgeries including, ankle sprains, ACL reconstruction, hip impingement, little league elbow, shoulder pain, concussion, muscle strains
  • Neurological Diseases
  • Scoliosis and postural conditions
  • Torticollis
  • Toe walking
  • Low muscle tone
  • Developmental motor delay
  • General aerobic/muscle deconditioning resulting from injury or illness

Meet Our Pediatric Therapists

Rebecca McVay | Flaherty Physical Therapy

Rebecca McVay, PT, DPT - Northborough Office

  • Boston University Graduate 2012
  • Previous experience in developing a school-aged before/after school fitness program that was performed in school
  • Continuing education focused on Pediatric Athletes
  • Clinical experience with children 0-18 with developmental delay, toe walking, muscular dystrophy, torticollis, neurological disorders, sports related injury and post- surgery
  • Practices out of the Northborough location
Rebecca McVay | Flaherty Physical Therapy

Becca Crowley, PT, DPT - Hudson Office

  • Northeastern University PT Class of 2019
    • PCA for a classmate with cerebral palsy
  • Clinical experience with children ages 0-18
    • Various orthopedic conditions, cerebral palsy, developmental delay, autism spectrum disorders, torticollis, acute flaccid myelitis
  • Practices out of the Hudson, MA clinic
  • Desire to become a physical therapist comes from having many injuries as an athlete and being unable to pursue a collegiate soccer career

To learn more about our pediatric physical therapy services please contact us at 508-393-9000.