After Care Program

After Care Program - PDF

Flaherty PT is proud to present PT After Care so you can keep up your fitness routines, stay healthy and enjoy your restored MOJO!!!

Want To Keep Working Out But On Your Own Terms?

After care is our Post PT workout program that you and your therapist will build together during your PT sessions. We come up with a workout sheet that is mostly your PT program with a few additional exercises based on areas of your body you might like to work on. Then, you can follow your personalized, independent, self-directed workout plan on your own time while the clinic is open.

Flaherty PT restarted the program on August 17, 2020.

Cost: $30/month

Availability: You need to schedule times to come to work out, just like you did your PT sessions. You will be able to be here for a 1-hour session. If you are working out with a significant other, you both can come at the same time. The available hours are noted below:

Mondays:7-11 am4-7 pm
Tuesdays:7-10 am5-7 pm
Wednesdays:7-10 am4-7 pm
Thursdays:7-11 am6-7 pm
Fridays:7-9 am12-2 pm
Saturdays:Not available
Sundays:Not available

See your therapist or the Front desk for more details.

The PT After Care program is an independent, self directed workout program right here at Flaherty Physical Therapy. We offer a personalized workout plan you can follow on your own time while the clinic is open.

  • Your PT will put together a specific workout routine that will mimic your PT sessions. Come when it’s convenient and follow the program on your own. No surprises!
  • The cost is $30/month. Monday through Thursday 7 am til 7 pm and Friday 7 am to 4 pm. No Saturdays or Sundays.
  • Talk with your therapist TODAY to learn more about the PT After Care program and how it can help you stay healthy!