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Grandparents, Parents, Kids.

We treat them all!

Welcome to Flaherty Physical Therapy in Northborough, MA

At Flaherty Physical Therapy, we wonder, how's Your Mojo?

One definition of Mojo is:

"a quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy"

To us, Mojo is a feeling, a sensation of well-being, strength and stability. Mojo is the feeling you get when you are in the groove, everything is perfect, everything feels good, all is right, your stars are aligned.

If you are coming to see us at Flaherty Physical Therapy, there's a good chance your Mojo is not where you want it. This is how we will help you get your Mojo back!


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Our philosophy on restoring your Mojo is simple.
L.E.T.S. M.O.V.E!!!!

L is for Listen. We know, you don't always get the chance to be heard when it comes to your health. Our number one priority is for you to feel like you are heard. We listen, because this helps us create the plan that will get you started. is for Manage. Starting a new exercise program can be daunting. How do you fit in exercise into your life, work and daily activities? We will help you with strategies to help make the task of starting a new routine easier to fit your life. M
E is for Educate. We know, more often or not you are in to see us because you have pain. But why do you have pain? Knowledge is power at Flaherty PT and we feel that you need to know as much as you can about why you are into see us. is for Optimal Health. Do you remember when the last time you were at your Optimal Health? It was probably when your Mojo was at your strongest. Let us help you integrate exercise, better health and wellness into your daily routine. O
T is for Train. We will train you on what you need to do to get better. Maybe it's through doing things differently. Maybe it's starting an exercise program. Whatever it is, we will train you to do it the right way. is for Value. Better health and wellness to get you back to your Mojo can sometimes be expensive. It can affect you financially, affect your work and affect your time. Follow the plan, your Mojo is restored, your life is better, and the value will be worth the time and effort. V
S is for Succeed. Our job is to get you going in the right direction so you can feel better, restore your Mojo and get back to your life. When this happens, you will feel success. Once you feel it, you will never, want to go back! Excellence. Strive for the best. Don't settle for just any Physical Therapy clinic, come to the clinic whose philosophy is about you and restoring your Mojo to where it should be! E

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