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  • Physical Therapy Northborough MA

    My "mojo" is back on track! This is because of Kevin's sessions. I feel, after my right hip replacement in January, that under his care, I have made an excellent recovery. I have no hip pain and with Kevin's gentle instruction and his explanations of what muscles are working and healing, I feel helped me to heal faster. As Kevin has said, "Focus on following the exercises as directed daily and you will see and feel many gains." I found that my spirit is much happier and my life's pleasures have been greatly increased under Kevin's care.

    Germaine L.

  • Physical Therapy Northborough MA

    From the beginning of physical therapy until now, I feel amazing. Going through this process before, I knew the obstacles that were ahead of me, but with working with Kevin, I never had any doubts that I'd be back to 100 %. The work that we did together and the home workouts he gave me, they were just what I needed. I know that by following the regimen that's been given to me, my shoulder isn't going to give me any issues. I came in with some mojo and in a sling, but I now leave feeling truly great and with some more Mojo! Thank you Kevin and Alanna for everything.

    Logan M.

  • Physical Therapy Northborough MA

    When our son, Zack, needed a physical therapist to rehab from labrum surgery, a friend recommended Kevin Flaherty. We were pleased with how quickly Kevin was able to evaluate and develop a personalized plan for Zack. Although Kevin proved to be an excellent physical therapist, we were most impressed with how he helped Zack approach the mental challenges of recovering from his first major sports injury. He was constantly checking with him and motivating him to ensure that he maintained a positive attitude throughout the long rehab process. We believe that Kevin was instrumental with Zack's successfully recovery which has allowed him to play baseball at Union College.

    Elizabeth Grip

  • Physical Therapy Northborough MA

    I had the pleasure of working with Kevin Flaherty for physical therapy on a third degree ankle sprain my senior year at Shrewsbury High School. I injured my ankle at the end of volleyball season and Kevin was able to strengthen my ankle in time for basketball season. He taught me the correct exercises to keep my ankle strong throughout my senior year basketball season and these exercises continue to help as I launch my college career at Stonehill College. Kevin was very knowledgeable, positive and confident in my speedy recovery.

    Curtis M.

  • Physical Therapy Northborough MA

    Everyone told me I would hate everything about PT. They said I would dread coming. They obviously did not come to Flaherty PT. Kevin and Alanna are awesome and I looked forward to coming each week. Would highly recommend.

    Michael B.

  • Physical Therapy Northborough MA

    My son has had two unfortunate sport injuries that have required physical therapy treatment. Kevin Flaherty came very highly recommended to us. We found that Kevin treated us professionally and displayed a wonderful knowledge of the injuries and an appropriate course of treatment that was age appropriate. Kevin went above and beyond providing us with take home exercises and routines as well as emailing us between sessions with further exercises and plan of care. When my son had his second injury there was no doubt in my mind whom we would seek for treatment. I highly recommend Kevin Flaherty to anyone for all necessary physical therapy treatments.

    Patricia W., RN, BSNe

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