Free Screening

Thanks for your interest in choosing Flaherty Physical Therapy as your trusted physical therapy provider. Our goal is to give every patient a 5 star experience. We offer a free screen to anyone who is unclear as to whether physical therapy would benefit them or not. Our screen is a 30 minute session only. You will work with a physical therapist who will do a quick screen on your complaints, give you some instructions on life style changes as well as give you some home exercises to work on. The physical therapist will also let you know if you are a good candidate for some formal physical therapy sessions which would then require an initial evaluation.

Our Physical Therapy Initial Evaluation is a more in depth, 1 hour session where more specific tests and measures are performed, more advanced life style change instructions are given and a more in depth home exercise program plan will be put together and reviewed with you.

We feel that if you are unsure of what you need, getting some feedback from a member of our PT staff is the best way to go before you schedule your appointment.

Call our office at 508-393-9000 and speak with one of our office staff about any concerns you may have. They will then connect you with a physical therapist who will get back to you within 24-36 hours of your call to briefly discuss your issues and whether or not you are more appropriate for a physical therapy evaluation, or a physical therapy screen.


Kevin Flaherty, PT, CSCS
Physical Therapist and owner